Better M&N

Better M&N is an Australian serial drama filmed by the Vietnamese filmmaker Khoa Do based on the real events.
The plot revolves around a young man from Australia named Wang, whose mother emigrated from Vietnam many years ago. As the oldest child in the family, Wang is sure that he is responsible for the welfare of the family. But one day, an overwhelming desire to ensure the family makes the major character making a terrible mistake which puts an end to the life of not only the guy himself, but also his relatives. Singapore Police detains him at the airport with a very large load of drugs, which is more than enough for the local Themis to make a death sentence.

There is a real confrontation between the two radically different mentalities: the western which is more humane and the eastern which is ready to punish to the fullest extent. While Wang’s mother together with two lawyers fights for his life, the young man still has the time to rethink his life.

Mad Dogs season 1

Mad Dogs is a series which tells the incredible story in which four old friends appeared to be: Joel is the most serious of all, considered to be the conscience of the company, always trying to protect his friends from dubious adventures and wrong actions, Gus is a black divorced father of two children, a little prone to panic, Kobe is an overgrown simpleton and main loser, as well as alarmist of the company, Lex is a common average man of “forty” who goes with his friends to get away from the nagging problems with his past.Mad Dogs


Four friends go to the sunny Belize to visit their mutual friend Milo. Upon arrival, they were surprised as for the rich luxury apartment of his friend, who, however, declined to answer a simple question how he got it.

After thinking that there is something not clear, our heroes quickly, throwing the bad thoughts out of the head as they have come here to relax, indulge in light-hearted celebration of life, enjoying the warm sun baths, exotic nature and incendiary evenings in nightclubs. It would seem that there is no place on earth more beautiful than this, but suddenly things change when one day, Joel sees a corpse of a goat in the pool, which serves as a kind of warning.